Esprit Performance brand concentrate rust remover, salt neutralizer, metal cleaner, rust and corrosion preventative Rust Remover is made in the USA.Free Shipping in USA

8 ounce - 1 gallon to all 50 States

8 ounce - 5 gallons to lower 48 States

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Esprit Performance Concentrate Product FAQs

Q and A about Esprit concentrated, competitors rust removers, costs and rust removal methods.

Q: Can mixed product be reused?
A: Yes, the fluid is useable until it becomes 'jet black', like really black motor oil.

Q: How long is the shelf life of the concentrate?
A: Up to six years and counting.

Q: Will it be stronger if I mix it @ 50% or use the concentrate straight out of the bottle?
A: No, a 20% solution is the optimum ratio for the strongest mixture possible. this means 1-gallon of concentrate to 4 gallons of water.

Q: Do I need to clean oil, grease, etc. off of the part before de-rusting?
A: Yes, If the contaminants are 'caked'-on', the the bulk of it should be scraped or wire brushed off the object first and ensure there is no contamination covering the rust. If the rust remover cannot touch the rust it will fail to remove it.

Q: How can Rust remover be applied?
A: Either by immersing the rusted part in the Rust remover, or if an object is too large to be immersed, by continuously recirculating the solution over the object with a small pump and catch basin.

Q: Does Rust remover contain acid?
A: No, it is the latest in chelant based rust removers, which are non-hazardous.

Q: What about your competitor's claims of removing rust from hundreds of pounds of metal with one liter or gallon?
A: These claims are wildly exaggerated. Think of a big ball of steel that weighs 300 pounds that has light rust on it. Virtually any rust remover out there can be continually sprayed over the ball and it will be d-rusted. Now take 300 pounds of fine steel grating, or many small objects with a large surface area, bolts, nuts, etc.. That same liter or gallon of their fluid will not work, no small amount of fluid can. In side-by-side tests, however, Our rust remover has outperformed all of our competitors fluids in the amount of rust removed and held in solution using the same amount of similarly rusted metal.

Q: Will heating the fluid make any difference?
A: Yes, the mixture can be heated up to, but not exceeding 140 degrees F to speed the reaction.

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