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The 'REDLINE' in Rust Removal

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Rust Remover Reviews | Rust Remover Tests including client testimonials and photos using Esprit Pure Rust Remover Concentrate for specific applications.

Rust remover review:

Testimonial by J. Solomon: Salvaging rusted steel and cast iron plumbing and heating fittings flood damaged by Hurricane Sandy

"Lee: One of my guys did a little experiment; he put a small circulating pump in the barrel of rust remover to keep the fluid circulating/bubbling.
It was very effective! The picture I have attached is a before-and-after photo after a 15 min. submersion in a 10:1 solution at 68 deg. with the fluid circulating.
Pretty amazing! The pump that we used was a simple and inexpensive Home Depot ½” water pump. Intake hose on the bottom of the barrel and discharge on the top.
Could not be simpler. Just keep the fluid circulating."

Pump used to circulate otherwise stagnant rust remover fluid through the drum of fittings to be derusted Rust removal pump detail Rust remover comparison of fittings Rust removed from lower fitting

Rust remover review:

Courtesy of Al Hesla. Rust removed from inside a motorcycle gas tank

"Yup, the Esprit did the trick! I was exceedingly pleased which means a lot coming from me as I am a perfectionist. If there were even the slightest hint of rust left I would not be happy. I pretty much followed instructions. Didn't use distilled water as I didn't have any on hand and was in too much of a hurry to get started to go to the store and buy some. Just heated some water in a pot, added the rust remover, poured it into the tank, parked it overnight and voila! Next morning all was beautiful. Kind of slopped the solution all over the tank when emptying it out, but no harm done to the paint at all. I also reused a portion of the solution that next day by putting some in a cup and dropping in the gas cap, gasket and all. Same sweet result. I've attached a few pics you can use if you so desire. Nothing professional, just me and a camera. Hard to take pics inside a gas tank! Pic of the bike too if your curious. Again thanks for a great product. I've recommended it to others and know of one who tried it with the same great results. Regards and continued success, Al"

This is what our clients in the rust removal and metal finishing business have to say...

"Powder coating started with my auto detailing and now anything. I used acid based products to remove rust. Only problem was waiting for it to remove the heavy rust it would continue working on the bare metal. I stopped using it. But needed to find something different. I, like a lot of folks are skeptical about a product labeled "environmentally friendly". Decided to give your 1 quart a try and my initial use seemed to have no effect. Apparently due to my previous process I contacted Rust Depot. The response was swift and resolving my situation just the same. Fantastic folks and product! Did exactly what you said it would, and parts turned out just like your web photos. Even reduces my time cleaning the parts for polishing and don't have to remove brake calipers to epoxy paint. Now I only wear the gloves to keep my hands from getting dirty." Michael J. Telford, PA.

Rust remover test:

Esprit Rust Remover Concentrate vs. Safest Rust Remover in:

1970 Mustang Boss 302 Restoration

Esprit Rust Remover Test of Rust Removal from 1970 Boss 302 Mustang

Thinking Outside the (Rusty) Box I Think I'm On to Something Here
Thinking Outside the Rusty Box: Part 2 Success with a Twist
Tail Light Panel and Trunk Floor Part 7: Chelation Rewind, End Cap Replacement Rust Repair

Rust remover test:

Esprit Rust Remover Concentrate vs. Evapo-Rust in:

Honda CB360 Gas Tank Rust Removal (Single Over-Head Cam 4 Forums)